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Our Services

Our Services

Life Coaching

Why would you need a life coach? Most people hire a life coach because they feel stuck and cannot fathom how to get “unstuck”. Others describe an overall lackluster feeling that they want to transform. We all desire certain things in life and it is not always easy to realize ones goals on our own. Coaching is proactive and tailored for people who are ready to engage and confront those life-altering changes. It is about asking the right questions while empowering you to find your own personal solutions. Coaching discovers what is really most important to you in your life and assist you in designing a plan to achieve those objectives.

life coaching

…a relationship that enhances the client’s ability to get clear, to focus on learning, making changes, achieving desired objectives and experiencing fulfillment…

– The Association of Personal and Professional Coaches

Life coaching is very different from counseling. Counseling looks at mental and psychological issues and often examines PAST events. It focuses on “problems” while Coaching is solution focused and looks for opportunities and the change. We will stay focused on the current and relevant issues in your life while developing your plans for the future.

Together we can design a life of your own creation!

What I Offer

My coaching will incorporate the new field of positive psychology. Together we will tap into your signature strengths and learn how to best use these strengths everyday in your life. I will teach you the skills of happiness and how to use these skills to better your relationships, career, health and your overall well-being!


Study of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness.


We will look at what is “not working” in your life and figure out together how to make changes. Together we will create the life you desire.

Coaching focuses on helping functional people live extraordinary lives.

How It Works

  • Private coaching sessions will be held via telephone or Skype.
  • Most clients have a weekly or bi-weekly call for 1 hour.
  • Coaching begins after the First Complimentary Assessment session.
  • Before our first coaching session you will have completed & submitted the initial homework assignment.
  • I will have reviewed that and prepared notes for our first session.
  • Coaching continues between sessions for maximum effect.
  • You will have homework so you can take concepts and skills away form your sessions.

Life Coaching by Skype or Phone

  • 30 minute complimentary session
  • 1 hour session = $100/hour
  • 1 month/(4) 1 hour sessions with unlimited email contact = $325
  • 3 months/(10) 1 hour sessions with unlimited email contact = $750