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About Robin Rubin

Robin Rubin - MSW

Robin Rubin – MSW

For the past 15 years, Robin Rubin has been studying, writing, and talking about what makes some people more resilient and better able to handle the pressures of everyday life, while others struggle each and every day. Why do some people have an abundance of positive emotions? Robin has the ability to help people identify their faulty thinking which damages their happiness as well as their ability to manage stress. Robin herself has had her share of “bumps” along the road including divorce, infertility, death and chronic illness and has been able to find the gifts in every challenge she has faced. People are often surprised by her positive attitude given the deck she has been dealt, but she doesn’t think of her life as difficult at all.


Robin can do it all!

As a social worker, Robin has the ability to help people identify their strengths and use their assets to move forward in life. Her technique is solution focused and she spends little time focusing on the past. She says, “That’s why our rear view mirror in our car is so much smaller than the windshield. We need to spend much more time looking forward, then looking behind us”. She knows it is important to occasionally visit our past- but she never stays stuck there for long. Robin is an expert at helping people make positive changes and meeting their personal goals.

In her practice, she examines what is going right with people. She identifies their strengths and positive emotions and helps people thrive in life using these fundamental strengths in work, love, play and parenting.

Robin and her husband Gary

Robin and her husband Gary

She helps people find happiness by exercising their strengths. Her true passion in life is to help people live healthy and successful lives.

Robin is a fitness guru and was trained to teach fitness from her teenage years. She went back to college in her 40’s to complete her bachelor degree in social work and then continued and to get her master degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University.

While doing that, she also did a two-year training to be a life coach. She is also certified in Applied Positive Psychology. Robin is a graduate of the prestigious Wexner Heritage Jewish Leadership program and sits on the executive board of many national and local charities. She currently serves as faculty at Florida Atlantic University in the School of social work. She has two adult sons and lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her wonderful husband, Gary.